Water Savings equals Cost Savings

Why choose Desert?

  • Low on going fixed price service costs
  • Suitable for all waterlass urinals, full flush urinals, low flush urinals and trough urinals
  • Eliminate odours and downtime
  • Free call out support on all our service packages

Turn the water off and watch the benefits flow

At Desert, we believe environmental sustainability goes beyond just saving water. All of our products are ethically sourced and designed to be reused or recycled to reduce environmental impact.

Check out Our NEW Products

Instant Hand Sanitiser

No Rinse – Alcohol Free
Kills 99.9% of Germs

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Additional Labels

Labels for your existing dispensers, in order for them to meet HSE guidelines.

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500ml Empty Bottles

White 500ml Cylindrical Plastic Bottle HDPE; Neck 28/410

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Desert No Flush Urinal

  • Australia’s most affordable Waterless Urinal
  • Available now for $495* each
  • Low on going fixed price service costs from $25* per month
  • Retrofits easily over most common wall mounted porcelain urinals
  • Reduced make good costs when retrofitting
  • Fast and easy install using Desert Quick Fit Technology
  • Perfect solution for retrofitting Caroma Cube urinals
  • Australia’s best waterless urinal warranty (6 years on all parts)
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Waterless Urinal Servicing

  • We specialise in the servicing of all types of waterless urinals
  • Low fixed ongoing service costs including free call out support from $25* per month
  • Using patented Desert No Flush technology, we service all waterless urinals including:
    • Uridan
    • Caroma H2Zero
    • Britax
    • Sonora
    • LW Gemmel
    • Falcon Waterfree
    • Urimat
    • Urinal Shop
    • Zero Flush
  • Australian Designed Technology
  • Watermark approved for use in all waterless urinals
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Low Flush Urinals

  • Reduce water costs without remodelling your bathroom
  • Easily convert any existing flushing urinal
  • Automated touch free flushing
  • Quarterly deep cleans and free call out support
  • Controls odours, saves water and reduces expensive plumbing costs
  • Fixed ongoing service costs and no upfront installation costs from $25* per month
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Unmatched Service

Servicing from $25* per urinal per month
Service packages include:

  • All Desert Cubes and Washroom Cleaner
  • Hygiene Cleans and Drain Jetting
  • Free call out support
  • Rental of the Desert No Flush Cartridge and Smart Flush Timer**
  • E-reporting after each service
  • Cleaner Training as required
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Looking to upgrade your urinals.
Speak to us about our $0 upfront package.

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Advance Tech. Say hello to the Desert No Flush Cartridge.

More affordable, environmentally friendly, easier to clean and better for your urinals

  • Watermark approved for use in all waterless urinals
  • Specifically designed to fit all waterless urinals in Australia
  • Australia designed and owned
  • Advanced water seal technology
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Does not require changes to your existing waterless urinals

Solutions to a problem

Odour problems?
The Desert Cube is designed to remove the cause of bad odours in urinals

Expensive Plumbing cost?
Desert offer free call out support on all our fixed price service packages. We will clear bloackages on the urinals at no extra costs.

Don’t know what type of urinal you have or I have more than one style?
It doesn’t matter, we offer a solution for all types of urinals.

Escalating service costs?
At Desert, we give you a fixed quarterly price which includes servicing, consumables, and call out support

Sourcing parts from multiple suppliers?
No need as Desert is a one stop shop for all urinal types

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