The Green revolution just turned Blue
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Why it's good for business

If you asked your staff what improvements could be made to their workplace, a few obvious ones usually arise;

  • Improving the environment
  • Reducing resource usage
  • Increasing efficiency

We can help with all of these concerns.

Improving the environment - all Desert® products and services are focussed on extremely high environmental standards.

Reducing resource usage - our Desert® No Flush Urinal and Desert® Low Flush Urinal systems can reduce water usage by around 151,000 litres per year per urinal. That's a lot of unnecessary water waste. Couple that with a power saving electricity program using efficient lighting and you not only reduce costs but markedly reduce your carbon footprint too.

Increasing efficiency - of course it's up to you what you reinvest your resource costs savings into but many Desert® clients include a staff improvement component. This plus the air quality scheme add to more staff productivity and less down time.

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