The Green revolution just turned Blue
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Saving the environment

It's easy to take for granted what we cannot see as it is rapidly being reduced.

  • It takes over 150,000 litres of water per year to operate a normal urinal yet only 0.01% of fresh water is available to humans (the rest is frozen in glaciers, polar ice caps or deep within the Earth)
  • The average business use of electricity is the equivalent to chopping down about 50 trees a year.
  • University research has shown that air quality improvement (mainly by the introduction of oxygen producing plants) can increase productivity by around 12%, reduce absenteeism and increase morale.

And reducing your carbon footprint can not only increase productivity, save water and money and increase the health of the planet it can also save your business - environmentally accredited businesses have a point of strong differentiation and an employee attractor.

But let's not be too selfish, saving the environment is the only way we can guarantee a future for our children.


Isn't that worth being just a little bit more thoughtful about ?