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Q. How much water will I save?

A. Water savings depend on how many people use the urinal. The flush tanks in most urinals hold between 5 and 20 litres, so a conservative estimate would be 9 litres per flush. If each person were to use the urinal 3 times per day, water usage would be 27 litres per person per day. If 20 people use the urinal 261 days per year, estimated fresh water usage quickly blows out to 140,940 litres per year.

Some general estimates:

  • School (500 male students) 2,700,000 litres - CO2 emissions = up to 14.5 tonnes (based on SA Water Desalinated Water emissions estimates) 
  • Small Hotel (45 patrons) 450,000 litres - CO2 emissions = up to 2.475 tonnes (based on SA Water Desalinated Water emissions estimates) 
  • Office Building (100 Male Staff) 705,000 litres - CO2 emissions = up to 3.87 tonnes (based on SA Water Desalinated Water emissions estimates) 

Q. What is the shelf life of the cubes?

A. Cubes last for two years when the storage container is sealed and stored between uses in a cool, dry area away from direct light.

Q. The cubes sit in the bottom of the urinal, so what keeps the face/wall of the urinal clean.?

A. The face of the urinal does not normally cause any problems. Bacteria find it difficult to exist on the urinal face because it's exposed to direct light and it normally dries soon after use. The entire urinal is cleaned daily with Desert® Wash room Cleaner, which contains proteins to activate the Desert® Cube microbes, and surfactants and mild detergents for cleaning.

Q. Is this system safe for septic tanks?

A. Yes. The Desert® Cube System is ideal for septic systems because it adds beneficial microbes. Desert® Cubes allow septic tank users to reduce water consumption significantly and reduce waste water by the same amount. This result is fewer blockages and reduced pumping - a saving all round.

Q. How will visitors know they don't need to flush?

A. At each urinal bay, a small information sticker informs visitors that this urinal is environmentally friendly and does not require flushing water. The stickers demonstrate that your organisation or business is concerned about protecting the environment.

Q. How does the Desert® Cube Waterless Urinal System improve hygiene in wash rooms?

A. Waterless urinals are designed to dry out between uses, unlike the surfaces of wet urinals, which are constantly damp. Bacteria and viruses thrive in moisture but simply perish when dried. When you convert to the Desert® Cube Waterless Urinal System, your urinal becomes touch-free, reducing the transfer of pathogens to hands. The conventional flushing mechanisms in wet urinals are a dangerous point of cross-contamination because they require direct hand contact from each user.

Is the Desert® Cube Water Efficient or Waterless Urinal System difficult to maintain?

A. We believe the simple answer is no. Many of our referrals come from cleaning contractors who have recommended our system after using it successfully for other clients. Contractors tell us that the system significantly improves conditions in the washroom and makes cleaning faster.

Q. What do we have to do to get the system set up at our business?

A. Simply call 1300 721 825 and in most cases Desert can provide an estimate for the system over the phone or you can Request a Quote.